Meetings Near Me

The Meetings Near Me pageĀ is experimental. It attempts to show all the places on the east side where meetings are available. Because the page is still under development, please check the information you find on that page against the main search site.

In some cases, such as the Alano Club, there will be multiple meetings at one location. In those cases, if there are less than 10 meetings at the location, the time and day will be listed for all meetings. If there are ten or more meetings, then the first 9 are shown and a link to the main search site is provided.

When you visit the Meetings Near Me page you can hover your mouse over a red marker to get a meeting name, or click on a marker to get the address and time.

Here is an example of what you see when you click on a red marker:



This image shows that there are four meetings at the location pin-pointed by the red marker. All four meetings are called “Joy of Living”. Each individual meeting occurs at a different day and time. The address is shown, and the name of the building in which the meeting is held is displayed in bold at the top.